About Us

CareNet Homecare Services, Inc. is a network of healthcare professionals, including Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Medical Social Workers and Certified Home Health Aides.  They are trained and experienced in homecare nursing, rehabilitation, social work services and personal care services at home.

Our Mission – We are dedicated to provide the highest quality, most effective and cost efficient healthcare services at home.

Our Vision – We are committed to be the Agency of choice for homebound patients and their families in providing healthcare services at home.

Our Agenda:

  • To be a resource of healthcare information and services
  • To facilitate access to home healthcare services
  • To be the provider of choice for healthcare services for homebound patients
  • To be a coordinator of medical and other healthcare services

Our Objectives and Philosophy

We care for and treat patients individually.  We promote integrated clinical management programs, such as – case management, utilization management and quality improvement management, in order to achieve clinical pathways and care plan objectives.

Our Commitment and Dedication:

  • Clinical expertise of our healthcare professionals, who are licensed and trained in accordance with state and federal guidelines and regulations;
  • Skilled clinical staff with a strong commitment to understand and be compassionate with the unique personal needs of homebound patients;
  • Highly qualified office staff experienced in supporting, communicating and coordinating services of different professionals.
  • Patient Advocate and Community Liaison Specialist to assist in pre-admission, post admission services and in obtaining other medical services.